The blue light district assignment


These are the slut’s instructions for the cock-sucking assignment in Amsterdam.

the hotel has been identified and it is quite close to the blue light district.
i am to send map of where the  hotel iss situated relative to the  blue light district.

make appointment
i must choose a big dick in fact it must be the biggest dick i can find she may be black perhaps white
i will buy a block of time, an hour or half an hour 30 minutes of sucking cock should be enough time.

2. getting to the appointment

i will have to walk to the appointment with the help of a cane, i should get a new cane for the occasion, leopard print or pink,something girly
i should put some pink tape around the foot strap
if it is too far to walk i should take a cab to the appointment
cobblestones? would make walking difficult so a cab would be in order
hire a tour guide to get the layout of the area?

continue noogling
i want bigger breasts but no hormones yet, try natural herbal products
I think i may be a D cup by now
next week i will get a bra measurement and send the result to Mistress

leave until later on
determine what i want to look like first. send photo
use an amsterdam makeup artist
i will have to do my own make-up each day, so i should get make-up lessons from the make-up artist
lipstick – red or pink lipstick?– “cocksucker red” of course
take a selfie so i have a record of what it looks like i can then replicate the look for the other days
have lunch somewhere afterwards in wig and full make-up

on the day:
get dressed
short black miniskirt
sheer white blouse
mocha-coloured bra under the blouse
pantyhose sheer to waist mocha panties mocha pantyhose, panties should be darker than the the hose
“i am her little sissy bitch in pantyhose”.
wig: short bob or ponytail. Ponytail better for cocksucking
“i am now a bona fide pantywaist”

at the appointment

I am not allowed to cum
no ass-fucking just cock-sucking
she should wear a condom
no swallowing cum

i will tell her what mistress wants

i am there to suck her cock and nothing else i am a virgin cocksucker. Mistress has sent me to a safe place to practise sucking cock. That is all.
she does not have to cum because she will be using a condom.
the prime reason is to experience cocksucking with a beautiful shemale
I must monitor the clit to see how excited it gets while i am sucking her cock
she must stay hard for 30 minutes but she will not cum. if she cums in the condom that’s ok, a sign that my cocksucking skills are satisfactory
Mistress will send me out all 3 days to suck cock to get more experience
On day 2 and day 3 i will walk further down the block to experience a different shemale



on the day of departure from london, i will put nothing on except make-up
i will get my wardrobe in order
there will be no stroking
when i am ready i will send an email: “it’s time mistress i have booked my hotel room, my flight, i have on my lipstick, my sheer white blouse my mocha panties and pantyhose, my flat shoes”

i will repeat:
“i am Mistress’ little sissy bitch”.
i am a little cocksucking slut”.

~ by chaste4mscass on Sunday July 10, 2016.

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