cockcage security

I wanted to write a few lines about how secure cockcages are, or are not as the case may be!.

Most cages are of one of two types. there is the cockcage which is affixed to a cockring, the cock and the balls are inserted through the ring, a cage is placed over the cock and the cage and the ring are locked together with a pin and a padlock. any of the CB  series are of this type. all good so far. but for most guys the testicles have a mind of their own, they like to go wondering especially at night or when lying on the couch, what happens is that one or both testicles will slide pst the cockring and disappear into the pelvic cavity, the cock cage then becomes pretty much useless, because there is no longer any tension, the cock cage will just fall off. unless you have the key to unlock the device, you will be busted when Mistress makes Her routine inspection. the other type of chastity device is one which wraps around the waist of the slave, the Neosteel is an example, or the Lori’s device which uses a PA piercing for added security.

there are two solutions:

(I)  use a cockring with a smaller diameter, less likely that the testicles will get through, but you run the risk of cutting off blood supply etc. plus its really uncomfortable in the morning if you wake up with a woody;

(ii) get rid of the CB6000 and go for  a different type of chastity device. a very good, but expensive device such as the Neosteel will provide  greater security, or get a PA piercing so the cage can be locked securely to the piercing (the Lori’s device is an example here), no getting out of this one. I went to the piercing studio a few years back and almost fainted when I saw the size of the needle, but lots of braver people than me have gone ahead.

If slip-out is a problem, Mistress can check on a periodic basis by asking the slave to present two testicles for inspection, if one or other is missing, it’s a sure sign that the cage is about to slip off, or already has and the slave has been stoking illicitly. that is going to cost you an infraction.







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