New Chastity Programme Day 4. a post about nothing

I have a problem with women’s underwear. I really like black because it looks good and it’s so seeeeexxxxy.

But… I am never allowed to wear black, black is always  reserved for Mistress. I must only wear nude, or violet, or lemon or cornflower blue, but preferably pink, pink, pink. I  know this because it’s in my contract.

so I looked in my underwear drawer this morning and the first pantyhose I pulled out, were…black, oohhh so smooth, so sleek, so prohibited, I desperately wanted to put them on, my hands were trembling, then I saw the massive ladder running al the way down one leg, so I put them back in the drawer and picked out another pair, nude this time, but, one day though, I will pull on my favourite pair of black wolfords, one day, one day….

in my first post yesterday, I  forgot to mention which chastity device I’m riding this time, it’s the “helmet” available from toys4naughtyboys, a UK outfit. which I have written about before but in case you missed it, here is the photo


I have only worn this device for a few days at a time, but with a longer programme (30 days) and some overseas travel thrown in, it will be interesting to see how it shapes up, so far it’s been good, but this is only day 4( sigh)

~ by chaste4mscass on Friday November 6, 2015.

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