a new chastity programme begins

well, chastity is never far away from me. I have been free-range (As Mistress Cassandra calls it) for at least 3 years and I decided that it was time to lock up the cock (am I crazy or what?) but there is no better feeling than to be owned and controlled by one of the most bewitching and intoxicating dominatrixes in the business, the Dicktator.

so I sent an email and got a reply within hours, and on 02 November I was locked up for 30 days with a new contract and lots of feminization tasks to carry out.

I am a bit out of practice and I only hope that I can remember all of Mistress’ rules. I was able write my own contract so I put in a condition that I had to wear pantyhose and a bra every day, ooooh heaven,! not so difficult. it’s early days yet (day 3) but i’ll post each day with thoughts etc.

~ by chaste4mscass on Thursday November 5, 2015.

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