Cocklocked and Tittified

recent experiences with a new chastity device and bigger breasts

the feminization of efiesouffle


first of all the cocklocking.

Here is the cocklock I chose, with  Mistress Cassandra’sapproval



I decided to buy the Helmet, a device marketed by Toys4NaughtyBoys. It’s a good-looking steel device with what looks like a secure locking mechanism. I ordered the device with a 2” cock ring and, in case that was too large a spare ring, ¼” smaller because I wasn’t sure about the ring size

chastity-ring-type-b-3-500x500  Scarily, the device came with a brass lock. it also comes with a “comfort tube” a piece of rubber tube which can be placed on the cock ring, to make it more comfortable to wear and avoid pinching.

The cocklock arrived yesterday, after a few problems which were quickly dealt with by the store. the cage was sent to me without the locking pin, so there was no way to attach the cage to the ring. but the pin arrived today…

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~ by chaste4mscass on Saturday August 30, 2014.

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