the cattle castrator

Mistress has been talking to the slut about castration as a way to deal with

(a) illicit stroking
(b) permanent chastity
(c) getting rid of its tiny ugly dicklet

this is a story about Mistress Cassandra’s cattle castrator


the slut will be put into the back yard wearing a pink rubber suit
there is a trap door in the kitchen door leading to the backyard, through which the slut will crawl when it wants to go outside
it’s a hot day
outside there is a pail of water
on the ground is dried grass
the slut is chained up
it can earn its orgasm but it will be painful and distressing
Mistress will cool-off in the swimming pool
she would have on a bikini
the slut would be sweating dragging around a heavy chain in the yard
previously Mistress had sent out ads inviting all males in the area to come round for a blow job
cars are now pulling up outside, expectant
Mistress is holding a toy bag in which there is a tawse, and a pink dildo
Mistress Cassandra is wearing a veryshort mini skirt, sheer to waist pantyhose a black g_string underneath kitten heels on Her feet
a halter top
a red waist belt with a harness for the dildo
Her hair is tied in a pony tail
there is a metal tub in the backyard, the slut is hosed off to cool down then is put to work
there are thirty customers waiting to be serviced
She yanks its chain and the slut crawls through the trap door out of the house on all fours and comes out to the patio to bake in the sun

Mistress is holding deviant lube in Her hand
the slut loves it and looks up pleadingly
“forget it! I would never touch that ugly thing!”
the rubber suit is zipped up but She leaves open the flap that covers the bottom.

then themen start getting out of their cars and come up to the fence their cocks in hand.

She hooks the slut to the chain that leads to the fence. the slut walks to the fence on all fours panting with its tongue hanging out
the first dick offered is veiny and white
she takes the tawse and slaps its ass
“come on slut get to it!”
the slut’s dick is hard and sweat drips on the boy’s dick lubing it, Mistress is behind the slut with the elastrator in Her hand She places the cattle device on its balls and She flips the first greenband over the balls, the band goes “snap!” and contracts tightly around its balls.She is using tribands, three times stronger, for quickly and effectively castrating goats, sheep and cattle. there is a lot of tension on the small nuggets.
but She decides they need more more tension. she picks out the band for extra large balls. these bands are the tightest of all and the slut sucks in air as the next band goes “snap!”

the slut has finished sucking the first cock but keeps the load it in its mouth so it has lube for the next boy
She has the strap on fastened to the harness around Her waist and She is pounding the slut hard in the ass. The slut is going crazy and can’t get enough cock. it is sucking furiously everything that it can find. it has a cock in its mouth, the Mistress’s strap_on in its ass and it has each paw on a cock stroking hard.

It is going crazy for cock.

the next boy is big, black, tall
he was tired of waiting and pushed his big black cock hrough the link in the fence
“get your fucking lips on it and I will be behind you”She screams at the slut. She puts the second band around the balls and the slut hears it go “snap!” again when the band is released
“hear that slut? that is the sound of your emasculation.”
She takes the tawse and slaps its ass again, ” go on suck his balls!”
the slut holds up its two paws and take the boy’s black balls in its paws
She grows tired of the slow progress and the third band goes “snap!”. then a fourth. each one is smaller and tighter than the previous one. soon, necrosis will set in soon and the balls will drop off

The next cock is huge and won’t fit through the fence so he comes in through the gate. The slut places its lips around the enormous cock.
“go on, suck him harder”
“fucking do it!”
all the cocks cum at the same time and the slut’s mouth and face is covered with cum. it collapses on the grass, exhausted and looks down just in time to see its balls resting on the ground next to it. Mistress Cassandra looks into its eyes and says ” see those slut? that is the most effective form of chastity, you will never be able to cheat again!” to emphasise Her point She has at this point put on Her Celine black thigh high boots with the 6″ heels and She lifts one foot and stomps down hard on one ball then the other the, soft viscous tissue inside the ballssquirting out onto the patio paving stones She picks up a hose and flushes the balls down the drain leaving the slut on the ground, panting, its face covered in the cum of 30 other knows will never see its own cum again.

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  1. Your time is coming, very good post.

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