Another gym humiliation assignment

Gym Days For thisHumiliated Sissy

Mistress Cassandra sent it to Her playground yesterday and it was given 3 spins. Last spin awarded the fag a humiliation assignment.
the assignment chosen was as follows:
it would go to the gym en-femme wearing pink and black bike shorts, pink pantyhose underneath, pink panties over the top of the pantyhose in order to accentuate the panty lines, for all to see what a raving sissy it is,also a pink training bra under a cute white shirt. it was ordered to purchase pink sweat band with matching wrist bands. After it’s workout it has to walk across the street to buy lipstick and other makeup from the drugstore.


the slut has never failed its Mistress before now, always completing its assignments, but for various reasons, this time, it was not able to complete it as specified, it doesn’t know what penalties or forfeits are in store for it, but it is sure that they will be severe. perhaps it will be sent to the Detention Room?
While it managed to dress according to the Mistress’ instructions the assignment failed for the following reasons:

1. the slut is not in chastity, when it is not in chastity it feels rebellious. castrating the slut should fix that( more on that later!)
2.the slut was not dressed as perfectly as it should have been (the slut always likes to be dressed as slutty as possible

• the slut was wearing sheer pantyhose (pink of course, but certainly pink the slut loves the feel of wind blowing overs its shaven legs and crotch and around its ass)
• the slut should have bought pink opaque tights, 40 denier would have looked better (i.e. sissier)

• it hasn’t had a manicure for 4 weeks,and it’s nails need cutting and filing, and consequently it put its finger though its pantyhose and made several runs
3.the white top was far too tight, next time it will buy a size larger
4.the drug store didn’t sell gymwear, so it wasn’t able to buy the headband or wristbands, these it will order on Amazon for its next visit

~ by chaste4mscass on Friday October 25, 2013.

One Response to “Another gym humiliation assignment”

  1. Yes and you are right…you need chastity, or at least an appendage removal!

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