Modifications to the Assignment

Mistress Cassandra, having considered again the latest assignment, has decided to modify some of the details, in particular what the slut will wear for the assignment. The reason for this is that latex makes the body sweat and, since this is mid-winter, it would be unhealthy to be alternately sweating (when inside) and then cooling-off very rapidly (when outside). Mistress Cassandra has decided therefore that the slut will wear an outfit made of more conventional materials.

In this regard, the slut has purchased the following:

1. A short, black, skirt in wool.
2. A women’s white blouse in a fine, see-through, cotton.
3. A small purse, which has a shiny, silver metallic finish.
4. Pink, sheer, knee-highs (not having been able to find white, sheer, anklets).
5. A pair of girl’s jeans for the train journey down to Rome – there was a gap in sizes so the slut bought the closest they had – they are a bit on the tight side, but they’re slightly stretchy so they fit (just!). There is a black, glittery label on the waistband at the back with “LaVirtu” [Virtue] engraved into a rectangular silver plate. Today the slut took up the hem on the legs by four inches so that what it will be wearing under the jeans will be clearly visible.
6. Several pairs of pantyhose in different thicknesses.
7. Eyeliner, lipstick, eyeshadow, and lip gloss.
8. A faux-fur jacket, black, that is very short, coming just down to the bottom of the ribs.
9. A wide suede belt in dark pink

Tomorrow the slut has to buy condoms, a darker shade of lipstick, lip-liner, pepper spray, a beret, ear-rings, and a cucumber.

~ by chaste4mscass on Sunday January 2, 2011.

One Response to “Modifications to the Assignment”

  1. yes the slutshouf have followed the instructions – it should have bought the beret and ththe darker shade of lipstick and the sheer anklets and everything would gone swimmingly

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