Update on the Exobelt

The Dicktator let me out of the Exobelt for a few days this week, so this is a good opportunity to give you all a progress report. This is now the completion of my second long-term confinement in the device.

As you can see from the photo there are a couple of problems with the design.

Firstly the metal plate on the right. This is the plate that slides across the mouth of the device, preventing Her cock from extending out (and stopping Her slave from playing with it). As you can see – it’s rusting! And a rusting piece of metal pressing hard against the head of Her cock is not sanitary. Bad design #1. Use stainless steel!

The second thing is the donut-shaped ring on the left. This is the cock-ring around which the device fits. The ring is placed over Her cock and balls, then the device is clamped around the ring so that it completely encloses it. But, you can see that the edges of the ring are sharp – and sharp edges don’t feel comfortable when they are pressing into the base of Her cock! Bad design #2. Use a rounded edge for the cock-ring, like the CB series.

~ by chaste4mscass on Friday September 26, 2008.

One Response to “Update on the Exobelt”

  1. Hi there:
    i’m sure you’re wearing the Exobelt X1. i have gotten the new V1 from Jenny of http://www.exobelt.com. As a matter of fact, you can see pictures of me modeling the V1 on Her web site. Click on V1 and click on the link for “see a man wearing the V1”. The first 3 pictures are me.
    i have two issues with the fit, and Jenny and i are in touch with each other to find a solution. But for overall comfort, i greatly prefer the V1 to the Curve, which was what i was wearing.
    The penis tube is much shorter, and a bit narrower, than the Curve, but i have no problem fitting my penis in-actually, i really like the feeling. Because my balls are somewhat swollen, they don’t fit completely enclosed in the cage, and they stick out the sides and bottom, which puts some pressure on them. And the metal pins that secure the device aren’t long enough. Earlier versions when they were testing it were actually longer. It isn’t very easy to get on, but once on, it’s comfortable and is much better under clothes than the Curve, because it doesn’t stick out so far. i live as a woman 24/7 so the seams in women’s jeans and skirts are more tight than that of men’s clothes, so i appreciate the comfort.

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