The Dicktator told me to call at exactly 12:00am, and i wasn’t taking any chances. But there was a little surprise for me – there were only 7 keys in the lock box! The key for the CB6000 was not there! So even though i was able to take off all the chains and remove the body stocking (which by now was a total mess – covered in scratch marks and tears – but it had done its job), Mistress Cassandra was still keeping a firm hold of me (hmmmmm, that would be very nice!).

This is getting very bizarre – Mistress has said before that it’s “all zen” and i’ve “become the cage” (see chastie has become zen – not the farting bit, the other bit, lol). Well i think i’ve become the chains as well, because before i was released i was very turned on by the idea of asking The Dicktator to delay telling me the combination until 6:00pm tomorrow. But the moment passed. This morning i missed that special connection that i get with The Dicktator when i’m chained and at Her mercy. At least i still have the cockcage!

W/we talked a little about what’s in store for me in the next few weeks and The Dicktator has some very wicked ideas! But it’s going to be totally without warning – i may get an email one day telling me what to do, and i have to do it immediately. More details to come!

Thank You Mistress for releasing me last night!

~ by chaste4mscass on Sunday January 13, 2008.

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  1. Still chaste after all these years

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