Nylon Encasement and Self-Bondage– A Manual

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the following describes one of my fantasies which involves my favorite materials, nylon stockings and pantyhose, chains and padlocks, all used together in a fantasy about nylon encasement, self-bondage and hypnotic trances. in fact, this is no longer a fantasy since I used to do this at least once a week, at a time when I was no longer married and didn’t have a steady girlfriend. The music I chose was the song Lullaby by The Cure circa 1990, it has a perfect beat which used to put me right in the mood, often I used to bind myself so tightly I thought I would never escape. Which was the whole point of course…




Not suitable for persons under the age of 18. If you are under 18 years old, Please leave now.

Contains descriptions of encasement; self-bondage and sensual deprivation and includes sexual references.

Persons suffering from coronary or respiratory conditions should seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner.

This blog contains a description of practices which, if not carried through sensibly may result in death or permanent injury.


no responsibility assumed for any Loss, harm or damage, however caused.


any person attempting to imitate the scenes described herein do so at their own risk. It is strongly advised to arrange for a trusted (and broad-minded) friend or neighbor to call you within one hour of commencing the practices described. If no response is received from you the friend should be instructed to enter your apartment and provide any assistance necessary to release you.

You should drink plenty of water an hour or so before starting.

Above all, always practise safe bondage.

Materials required

  • 2 pairs of pantyhose in your preferred color/style
  • 2 stockings in your preferred style (stay ups/thigh highs are not recommended for this)
  • duct tape,pre-cut 3 or 4 strips each about 1′ in length, 1 strip should be 3′ in length
  • scotch tape (1/2″ wide works well)
  • 1 condom (this will be the receptacle for all your cum which should be eaten after completion of the session)
  • fully-charged MP3 / personal music player with ear phones
  • download a favorite music track on the player. ideally the music should have some hypnotic beat or sleep-inducing melody.
  • 18 feet of chain cut into 7 lengths of 2′,2′,2′, 3′ 3′, 3′,3′
  • 8 or 9small padlocks, ( the hasp should be small enough to pass through the links in the chain mentioned above)
  • a key fob (made of rubber or some soft textile)
  • a fully-charged cellular phone in case of emergency. pre-programme a number that you can call, practise selecting and calling this number in the dark;
  • a bottle of water with a straw or a tube.

Phase 0 Preparation

collect together all the keys to the padlocks, select one key which you will use to release yourself. It makes sense if this key unlocks one of your wrists ( see below). Better still if there is one master key which opens  every padlock (cheaper padlocks especially from China tend to be like this).

attach this key to the key fob.

arrange the padlocks in a row for easy selection during Phase II (see below)

arrange the lengths of chain in order of length, (for easy selection)

cut strips of scotch tape and duct tap and stick one end to an edge (a table etc) (for easy selection)

divert the house phone to voicemail

clear the centre of the room of as many obstacles as you can.Close the doors to the room, and any windows Draw the drapes together.  Adjust the aircon to a comfortable setting.

before you begin, drink some more water.

remove any glasses, contact lenses, dentures, hearing aids, etc.

Phase I- making the body stocking /encasement

  1. Visit the bathroom– it may be a long time before you can do this again.
  2. put the condom onto your erect penis. I buy extra large condoms and I stretch the base of the condom completely over my balls, making a nice, tight fit. You may have to use 2 or 3 condoms if you tear them when putting them on.
  3. use the scotch tape to secure the condom to your ball sac so that the condom stays in place when you complete steps 4, 5, and 6.
  4. Pull one of the stockings over your penis and the condom. If necessary secure in place with scotch tape around your balls.
  5. cut a small hole in the gusset of the 1st pair of pantyhose, large enough to pass your penis and testicles through.
  6. put on the pantyhose pulling your penis and balls through the hole in the gusset.
  7. pull the pantyhose up to your waist
  8. take the 2nd pair of pantyhose and cut a large hole in the gusset and cut along the seam, to make a hole the size of your head
  9. Put your arms into the legs of the pantyhose and put your head through the hole in the gusset, pull the waistband of the pantyhose down your torso so that it reaches (and preferably overlaps the waistband of the 1st pair of pantyhose)
  10. use the 3′ piece of duct tape to join together the waist bands of the pantyhose around your waist.
  11. insert the earphones into your ears and plug the earphones into the MP3 player.
  12. pull the other stocking over your head (this will help keep the earphones in place).
  13. take a piece of duct tape and wrap it around your neck over the stocking. cut a small hole in the stocking where your mouth is. you can use this hole for drinking water, calling for help, etc.
  14. because your hands are, by now covered in nylon, this is the time to select your preferred piece of music and start playing.
  15. raise the volume to loud.

Phase II Self-Bondage

  1. take a 3′ length of chain and pass it around your waist, secure it at your back with a padlock1 (it makes it easier for the following steps if the padlock is at the back of you rather rather than the front of you. before closing this padlock, insert the end link of another 3′ length of chain. the other end of this 3′ length of chain should be passed down along your ass crack and wrapped around your testicles, close-off the end of this chain with a padlock2. Close-off the padlock attached to the chain around your waist.
  2. take a length of 2′ chain. Attach one end around an ankle and close-off with a padlock3. attach the other end around your other ankle and close-off with a padlock4.
  3. this will now be pleasantly uncomfortable. take a length of 3′ chain and with a padlock5 attach one end to the middle of the chain between your ankles, attach the other end to the chain that is wrapped around your testicles(attach the other end of the chain to a link underneath your balls with a padlock6 but do not close this padlock until you have completed phase IV), shorten this chain so that you are forced to kneel (do not close this padlock until after completion of Phase IV, otherwise you will not be able to stand). if required you can attach another length of chain from the chain between your ankles and the chain around your waist or between the chain around your waist and another chain around your neck ( take care not to attach this to your neck too tightly, or you might not be able to breathe).

Phase III sensory deprivation and lock-down

  1. take a strip of duct-tape and place over your eyes and ears so that you can’t see anything and you can hear only the music.
  2. the following steps you will need to complete in the dark by feel alone.
  3. take a 2′ length of chain attach one end to your wrist and secure with a padlock7
  4. attach the other end to your other wrist and secure with a padlock8
  5. take the middle of the chain between your wrists and lock it with a padlock9 to the chain around your testicles (it makes it easier if the padlock is attached to a chain link on top of your penis/testicles). Do not close this padlock until you have completed Phase IV.

Phase IV disorientation

  1. pick-up the key to the padlock you selected (see preparation at phase 0 above) and hold it firmly.
  2. with the music playing loudly in your ears, stand in the middle of the room, holding the key firmly in your hand and start to spin around in time with the music, slowly at first until you get your balance and the rhythm of the music. After 5 or 6 spins reverse direction for another 5 or 6 spins then  stand still and throw the key in any direction you want, make sure that the key will land a reasonable distance away from you, but not too far that it will disappear out of a window or under a piece of heavy furniture.
  3. close the padlock that you attached at step 3 of Phase II and step 5 of Phase III.

Phase V Enjoy and release

  1. At this point you deserve to stroke to your heart’s content. while reflecting on your predicament, enjoying the sensual feeling of your body encased in sheer nylon and not knowing whether you will be able to escape.
  2. When you have cum, resist the temptation to panic, breathe deeply and assess your situation. attempting to slip your hands out of the chains is useless and may cause injury, the only way to free yourself is by finding the key.
  3. kneel down on the floor and begin a finger-tip search of the floor. It is important to keep breathing, and rest as often as you can. It may take around 45 minutes before you find the key, release the padlock and that will free-up one of your hands so you will be able to remove the duct tape from your eyes which will help you to see your surroundings. find the other keys (or use the master key if applicable,  to unlock all the padlocks, and remove the chains, remove the pantyhose and the condom. make sure you swallow all the contents of the condom. call your friend and reassure him or her that you are safe and well.
  4. clean-up and tidy the room

Please leave comments and suggestions for improvements or  to point-out any flaws etc.

The blue light district assignment

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These are the slut’s instructions for the cock-sucking assignment in Amsterdam.

the hotel has been identified and it is quite close to the blue light district.
i am to send map of where the  hotel iss situated relative to the  blue light district.

make appointment
i must choose a big dick in fact it must be the biggest dick i can find she may be black perhaps white
i will buy a block of time, an hour or half an hour 30 minutes of sucking cock should be enough time.

2. getting to the appointment

i will have to walk to the appointment with the help of a cane, i should get a new cane for the occasion, leopard print or pink,something girly
i should put some pink tape around the foot strap
if it is too far to walk i should take a cab to the appointment
cobblestones? would make walking difficult so a cab would be in order
hire a tour guide to get the layout of the area?

continue noogling
i want bigger breasts but no hormones yet, try natural herbal products
I think i may be a D cup by now
next week i will get a bra measurement and send the result to Mistress

leave until later on
determine what i want to look like first. send photo
use an amsterdam makeup artist
i will have to do my own make-up each day, so i should get make-up lessons from the make-up artist
lipstick – red or pink lipstick?– “cocksucker red” of course
take a selfie so i have a record of what it looks like i can then replicate the look for the other days
have lunch somewhere afterwards in wig and full make-up

on the day:
get dressed
short black miniskirt
sheer white blouse
mocha-coloured bra under the blouse
pantyhose sheer to waist mocha panties mocha pantyhose, panties should be darker than the the hose
“i am her little sissy bitch in pantyhose”.
wig: short bob or ponytail. Ponytail better for cocksucking
“i am now a bona fide pantywaist”

at the appointment

I am not allowed to cum
no ass-fucking just cock-sucking
she should wear a condom
no swallowing cum

i will tell her what mistress wants

i am there to suck her cock and nothing else i am a virgin cocksucker. Mistress has sent me to a safe place to practise sucking cock. That is all.
she does not have to cum because she will be using a condom.
the prime reason is to experience cocksucking with a beautiful shemale
I must monitor the clit to see how excited it gets while i am sucking her cock
she must stay hard for 30 minutes but she will not cum. if she cums in the condom that’s ok, a sign that my cocksucking skills are satisfactory
Mistress will send me out all 3 days to suck cock to get more experience
On day 2 and day 3 i will walk further down the block to experience a different shemale



on the day of departure from london, i will put nothing on except make-up
i will get my wardrobe in order
there will be no stroking
when i am ready i will send an email: “it’s time mistress i have booked my hotel room, my flight, i have on my lipstick, my sheer white blouse my mocha panties and pantyhose, my flat shoes”

i will repeat:
“i am Mistress’ little sissy bitch”.
i am a little cocksucking slut”.

the proctor

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I have decided to play Mistress’ proctor game. this requires me to post a photo of Her cock locked in a cage.


here it is:



cockcage security

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I wanted to write a few lines about how secure cockcages are, or are not as the case may be!.

Most cages are of one of two types. there is the cockcage which is affixed to a cockring, the cock and the balls are inserted through the ring, a cage is placed over the cock and the cage and the ring are locked together with a pin and a padlock. any of the CB  series are of this type. all good so far. but for most guys the testicles have a mind of their own, they like to go wondering especially at night or when lying on the couch, what happens is that one or both testicles will slide pst the cockring and disappear into the pelvic cavity, the cock cage then becomes pretty much useless, because there is no longer any tension, the cock cage will just fall off. unless you have the key to unlock the device, you will be busted when Mistress makes Her routine inspection. the other type of chastity device is one which wraps around the waist of the slave, the Neosteel is an example, or the Lori’s device which uses a PA piercing for added security.

there are two solutions:

(I)  use a cockring with a smaller diameter, less likely that the testicles will get through, but you run the risk of cutting off blood supply etc. plus its really uncomfortable in the morning if you wake up with a woody;

(ii) get rid of the CB6000 and go for  a different type of chastity device. a very good, but expensive device such as the Neosteel will provide  greater security, or get a PA piercing so the cage can be locked securely to the piercing (the Lori’s device is an example here), no getting out of this one. I went to the piercing studio a few years back and almost fainted when I saw the size of the needle, but lots of braver people than me have gone ahead.

If slip-out is a problem, Mistress can check on a periodic basis by asking the slave to present two testicles for inspection, if one or other is missing, it’s a sure sign that the cage is about to slip off, or already has and the slave has been stoking illicitly. that is going to cost you an infraction.







New Chastity Programme Day 4. a post about nothing

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I have a problem with women’s underwear. I really like black because it looks good and it’s so seeeeexxxxy.

But… I am never allowed to wear black, black is always  reserved for Mistress. I must only wear nude, or violet, or lemon or cornflower blue, but preferably pink, pink, pink. I  know this because it’s in my contract.

so I looked in my underwear drawer this morning and the first pantyhose I pulled out, were…black, oohhh so smooth, so sleek, so prohibited, I desperately wanted to put them on, my hands were trembling, then I saw the massive ladder running al the way down one leg, so I put them back in the drawer and picked out another pair, nude this time, but, one day though, I will pull on my favourite pair of black wolfords, one day, one day….

in my first post yesterday, I  forgot to mention which chastity device I’m riding this time, it’s the “helmet” available from toys4naughtyboys, a UK outfit. which I have written about before but in case you missed it, here is the photo


I have only worn this device for a few days at a time, but with a longer programme (30 days) and some overseas travel thrown in, it will be interesting to see how it shapes up, so far it’s been good, but this is only day 4( sigh)

a new chastity programme begins

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well, chastity is never far away from me. I have been free-range (As Mistress Cassandra calls it) for at least 3 years and I decided that it was time to lock up the cock (am I crazy or what?) but there is no better feeling than to be owned and controlled by one of the most bewitching and intoxicating dominatrixes in the business, the Dicktator.

so I sent an email and got a reply within hours, and on 02 November I was locked up for 30 days with a new contract and lots of feminization tasks to carry out.

I am a bit out of practice and I only hope that I can remember all of Mistress’ rules. I was able write my own contract so I put in a condition that I had to wear pantyhose and a bra every day, ooooh heaven,! not so difficult. it’s early days yet (day 3) but i’ll post each day with thoughts etc.


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another post on my favourite topic

the feminization of efiesouffle

anyone who follows my blog will know that i absolutely adore pantyhose, i love the feel of them on shaved or waxed legs, having my own legs to stroke, the look of pantyhose under a short mini skirt or shorts, the feeling of guilt as i rub my legs together.

imagine my delight when The Dicktator ordered me to wear pantyhose to bed, one night, I couldn’t believe my luck. i had to take them off during the night because i was overheating, but the feel of them was incredible.who needs a girlfriend when you have your own tits to play with, and gorgeous long legs in sheer pantyhose to stroke all night?

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